~ Swarm 2019 will take place from July 5th - July 21st at Scattergood Friends School in West Branch, Iowa. ~

How It Works



Step 1: Apply by the Deadline

You can fill out our simple online application by visiting our application page. Due to volume of applications, we cannot except everyone, but we promise to give each application our careful attention and consideration.

Step 2: Prepare for Your Stay

Once you've been accepted, you'll be notified of the approved dates for your arrival and departure.

Past year accommodations have been modest but comfortable. Swarm attendees typically share a house with common kitchens, bathrooms, sleeping areas, and camping grounds. Come ready to share your space with other community members! We try our best to accommodate special needs.

Typical packing list:

  • bedsheets/sleeping bag & pillows

  • breakfast & lunch groceries

  • bug spray & suntan lotion

  • clothing for all weather conditions

  • art supplies, musical instruments, & games

Step 3: SWARM!!!

What a typical day at Swarm looks like:

9:00 A.M.: Breakfast
10:00 A.M.: Morning Meeting (attendance required)
11:00 A.M.: Master Class/Workshop
1:00 P.M.: Lunch
5:00 P.M.: Dinner Prep (if assigned)
7:00 P.M.: Communal Dinner
9:00 P.M.: Campfire/Community Fun

Each morning meeting is an opportunity for residents to get acquainted, volunteer for daily chores, and review our Swarm values. Swarm attendees typically find that the days pass extremely quickly. With people arriving and departing daily, there's always a chance to make new friends.

Step 4: Spread the Swarm Love

Hopefully your time at Swarm was productive and you have new creative material to share with the world. Take advantage of the Swarm network, host a reunion dinner, and keep the spirit alive! Visit our Instagram or Facebook page to stay in the loop.

Have a question? Visit our FAQ page.