Announcing Swarm 2016!

July 3rd-29th
Michael Fields Agricultural
Institute in East Troy, WI


  • 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
  • Lots of common space
  • Beautiful barn working space with a STAGE (!!!)
  • 5 acres of space to roam
  • Working farm with work/trade opportunities for veggies
  • More info below!

Swarm is excited to announce our space for 2016!!! We will be spending July 3rd- 29th at The Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in Troy, WI! The institute is a non-profit, working farm with the mission to nurture the ecological, social and economic resiliency of food and farming systems through education, research, policy, and market development. They envision an ever-creative cultural process in which farmers and consumers create agricultural landscapes with healthy regional systems of land use, food production and distribution. 


The Institute reached out to Swarm after seeing our need for space in CRAFT- A farming newsletter. They have kindly invited Swarm to spend July on the farm. We will have a full, private, house (5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and lots of common space) and a beautiful barn with very tall ceilings and A BUILT IN STAGE. See you at the barn musical, guys!!! The land is made up of 5 acres of trees and fields, so there is much space to camp, walk, meditate, swim in the creek, observe birds, or bike to the small lake two miles down the road. 

THIS IS A WORKING FARM- which means fresh veggies, lots of space, and friendly non-Swarm faces. While we will not be sharing our private spaces (The House and The Barn) there will be people working on the farm and at the institute throughout July. We have met a number of these people and are confident they will be awesome to share space with! Maybe even awesome to play a big game of capture the flag with....?